SISTAR 2011 Golden Lion Award Competition


1. Competition Categories : Dance, Singing, Music (Solo, Duo, Quartet, Group)

2. Competition Age Groups :

        a. Children (9-12 years old)

        b. Youth (13-15 years old)

        c. Young Adults (16-25 years old)

3. Performance Requirements :

        a. Maximum duration for solo performance : 5 minutes;

        b. Maximum duration for duo, quartet, or group performance : 7 minutes

        c. Each contestant has to provide for his own costume, make-up, props and personal musical Instruments

        d. The organiser will provide the competition venue, general lightings, sound system, and piano

4. Golden Lion Awards

        a. Golden Lion Gold Award

        b. Golden Lion Silver Award

        c. Golden Lion Bronze Award

        d. Golden Lion Outstanding Group Award

        e. Golden Lion Outstanding Teacher Award

5. Contestant Registration Fees

        a. Duo, Quartet, Group : $20 per person

        b. Solo : $150

6. Submission Guidelines

        a. Please fill up the application form, giving full details on the performance item

        b. Competition submission must reach the organizer or country representative office by 20 July 2011.

        c. Each submission must include a brief write-up on the performance item, including DVD, photo, song lyrics, and if
            any, the name of director & scriptwriter.

        d. Please specify special requirements for the performance. No last minute request will be accommodated.

7. Submission Item, Photo, Copyright

        a. The organizer holds the right to all forms of video recording and photography. All competitors, immediate family,
            friends or associates are not allowed to do video recording or photography during the Golden Lion Award
            Competition and the Starry Hope Concert. The organizer will have the right to do all official recording.

        b. The organizer holds the right to all event programme, video recording, and photography for all publicity and
            marketing use.

8. Management & Arrangements

       a. The organizing committee is responsible for the smooth implementation of various activities for SISTAR.
       b. Each country representative office is the basic organizing office for SISTAR and will support the main office in
           coordinating and implementing the various activities.

       c. Each country representative office is responsible for the food, lodging, transport, insurance, sightseeing and safety
           of their country delegates. Should there be additional requirements, each country representative office can
           discuss and convey it to the organizer.

9. Submission deadline

       a. Competition submission must reach the organizer no later than 20 July 2011

10. SISTAR Organiser

       Concern & Care Society

       Blk 228 Bukit Batok Central #01-45 Singapore 650228

       Tel : (65) 6560 5455 Fax : (65) 6560 5456
       Email : amy@concernandcare.org.sg

Country Representative Offices :

China                 北京洲际东视艺术文化交流中心

Hong Kong         蒲公英文化艺术交流中心

Malaysia             e-kids 艺术走廊

Russia                边疆地区总工会艺术创作中心
Singapore          傳神居家照顾协会

Taiwan               Giraffe Cultural Enterprises 长颈鹿美语

Singapore International Super Talents & Arts (SISTAR) organizer has authorised the above country representative offices to organize each country’s participation in SISTAR

Download Form - SISTAR Golden Lion Award Form English.doc


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